A word used to describe something that is both "sick" (amazing) and "chilling" (relaxed). Synonomous with "epic" and "legendary" although with a somewhat more relaxed connotaion.
Yo brosif, that headshot was straight illin like a villain yo!

                              -URBAN DICTIONARY


Fashionably Irate (March 2003)

Oh So Now He's Doin' Hip Hop* (May 2003)

A Bombin' Nation (March 2004)
V'iLLiN vs CaTashtrophe -New Skool b2b Battle (July 2004)

Hey! Feel This... (December 2004)

Urine For a Surprise! (January 2005)
Hey! Feel This Too... (January 2005)

V'iLLiN vs CaTashtrophe - Round II on 3 Decks f. Demolition Man & Melo D (February 2005)
Everyone Likes To Get a Little CD Sometimes (mini sampler)* (March 2005)
Clown Hunter* (April 2005)
Paradigm a Dozen* (April 2005)
Is It In Yet? (June 2005)
Disguise In The Back Of Your Head (June 2005)
You Incomplete Me (Aug 2005)
Cinquo De Yayo feat MC Dro (May 2006)
Fuck Stereotypes! (Sept 2006)

Saint Patrick's Daze (March 2007)
Judge Dread Lock Down_WMC (March 2007)
Outta The Way feat MC A2Z (October 2007)
AprilFoolzBallin' - 4 Turntables feat Caution, DaNoize, Dro, A2Z & Cronica (Feb 2008)
V ' 1 L L 1 N - I become 1 (March 2008)
Eat? Drink & Be Merry! (December 2008)
Me Or Yourself % Mirror Yourself (Aug/Sept 2009)
Ol Dark AND Dirty (Nov 2010)
Curve & V'1LL1N - On All Fours!  [4 Deck Mix]  (May 2013)

Me or Yourself % Mirror Yourself II - Ripped Apart / Ripped Up Heart 

While You're Down There…(Oct 2014)

Crunchtime  (May 2015)
Return of Syrous Promo (June 2015)

Codebreaker (House/Electro/Classics) (April 2016)

June Buggin' (June 2016)

​Live @ Harvest Festival Departure B2B w/ DJ Julain (Sept 2017)

ElectrOMG! (Feb 2018)

M'arch Enemy (March 2018)

Fashionably Irate received 2nd Place in a worldwide demo competition
on www.faceparty.com in Summer 2003.  Decision by popular vote of members.
* indicates limited or special release


V'1LL1N has played at WEMF, Om Reunion Festival, Natural Selection, Natural Selection 2, Like Minds Festival, and the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami.   

V’iLLiN was also responsible for organizing the first ever official Toronto DNB Showcase for the Winter Music Conference called Northern Touch in Miami in March 2005.

Each summer V'1LL1N also hosts a 3 day outdoor gathering called FIELD OF DREAMS every year since 2006.

V’iLLiN has been broadcast over www.djshows.com, www.thewomb.com, afterhoursdjs.org, DistinctFM 99.7FM UK, Medicine Muffin’s RINSE OUT Show on 88.1FM, Mohawk Radio @ McMaster University, 105.5FM York University Radio, Psychic Vibrations Radio at deepbassnine.com, Krisisdnb.com, Contraband Radio & OTB Canada. 

V’iLLiN also creates virtually all of the promotional graphic design for Inci/Dental, Venom & his collaborations and has designed over forty event flyers.

Steve not only enjoys playing music at weddings, he can also Officiate them as well as he is an ordained Reverend!

As the co-founder and owner of Inci/Dental Records, Steve (aka V’1LL1N) has always been very passionate about Toronto’s electronic music culture and nightlife since his first Syrous event in 1996.  He loved the music so much that he started collecting vinyl and soon after bought turntables in 1999 and began really learning how to mix and scratch.  He then grew and started promoting Inci/Dental's first of a series of live events starting in April 2003 called The Jungle Incident; at Club 254, downtown Toronto and had his first residency.

He & his partners quickly developed a following and were hosting events and performing all around southern Ontario with Toronto's top names at the time including DJ Spinz, Trek-E, Mystical Influence, Medicine Muffin & Marcus Visionary to name a few and soon V'1LL1N was playing more and more shows and getting gigs on the same bill as worldwide superstars like Adam F, Fabio, Hype, Shaka Zulu, Dj Flight, Capital J, Freaky Flow, John Otto, Demolition Man, Kenny Ken and Miami legend DJ Bill Kelly! 

He also formed Venom Productions in association with Blackmarket Records.  Venom hosted DJ Hype in 2004.  

Since, V'1LL1N has played a giant spectrum of special events! Varying from gay clubs, all night raves, college nights, pubs, beach parties, birthday parties, club residencies, outdoor festivals and weddings to wine and cheese mixers and full moon medicine gatherings, V'1LL1N thrives on diversity in people as well as music.

Notably one of the only DJ's to bring dance-floor-oriented drum n’ bass every Thursday to Toronto’s gay village at that time! Fast Forward was a special event that brought everyone together between 2006-2008!

At the same time, he has always given opportunities to up and coming performers looking to get some exposure in Toronto’s massive scene by never forgetting he was once there too.  The Jungle Incident at 254 was the first club night to offer a regular 'Open Decks' concept that was an opportunity for up and comers each week.

More recently, V'1LL1N's vibes were featured in the 2013 film FACES IN THE MIRROR- directed by Aaron Farrington and produced by Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band.  V'1LL1N has appeared Live DJ'ing with Boyd Tinsley and his violin in Miami Beach, Florida at the screening of the film and in the debut video for Crystal Garden!

​Whether its jump up drum n bass, old school jungle drums, raw hip hop badness, stompy house and techno, soulful r&b hooks, trancy & jazzy breakdowns, pure turntablism madness-or your own wedding requests, you can be rest assured that even if you’ve never heard a certain style before – you’ll walk away having felt how much love, creativity, consciousness & fun goes into his artistry.   

​​He has also published a book of poetry and artwork entitled RA1NB0WS OF TH3 ABYSS.

Master Number 11=

 Messenger, Inspired, Intuitive, Channeling, Inventive, Mystic, Spiritual, Teacher, Idealistic, Romantic, Artistic, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Angels of creative communication, Christ-like Love, Visionary, Joy-bringer.



Heart2Beat Healing & Rejuvenation


V is the numerical equivalent of 22/4 and represents construction.  (Great for building.)  It is an industrial letter which is tireless and efficient.  Negatively, V can be unpredictable.  As can those apostrophes'!  Watch out for those guys.